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Description: Population 5923

T'Craedon is a small city in the Western Kingdom of the Jaghund Geist in the Bloodsteel Mountains.  It has served as one of the main trade stops that lead to both The Valerian Empire and the Thunder Kingdom.   Rarities such as Valerian Silks, Jewels from the Thunderkingdom, and other commodities are imported in trade for Black Bark Lumber, precious metals, and various other exports.  

T'Craedon is comprised of 9 different districts and wards.  Earl Percival Darlington-Whit is the current head of the City along with 46 noble houses that make up the court. Most Nobles and lesser nobles reside in Northends District and the Noble's Ward.  The peace is kept by 50 guardsmen lead by Captain Pruda Xavier, and there are 5 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 213 clergymen and 8 priests with various temples through out the city.  

Notable locations

Taverns and Inns

The Demon and the Shrew

This two story wooden Inn and Tavern is located at the entrance of the main road to the Guild Hall District called Dragons Lane.  The proprietor of this establishment is Vilba Heartswood; the inn caters to the many adventurers that come through T'craedon.  Food and Drink are reasonably priced and if you're looking to hear war stories or rumors of the lands around, this is the place to go.

The Thirsty Goat

This Tavern and Inn is located off Boar's Street in the South Trade Ward but most can hear the tavern before getting to it.  Usually filled with various merchants drinking, eating, and gambling their hard  earned coin from a day of selling.  

The Crossed Hammers

This Inn and Tavern is located off of Ditch Side in the North Mercenary District and has become the primary tavern of Valerian Mercenaries.  It is suggested that no one ever go here alone or without business as there is always tension of between Valerians and Geistans.

The Devilish Badger

This Tavern is located in the South Mercenary District at the end of Fengan's way.  Mostly filled with locals and a few local adventurers who have made T'Craedon their home.  It is a good place to go to get a pulse on the city.

The Eager Coyote

This upscale establishment is located on Lantern Lane in the Northends District and is where quite a few wealthy will come to have an expensive drink, exotic food, and listen to the music.  Even Nobles will come to The Eager Coyote to hear the various bards that play.    

Guild Halls

Adventurer Guilds

Adventuring guilds are used as a way to help regulate and control the numerous adventurers and mercenaries.  A group must create a charter and register it with a sanctioned guild hall with in the land.  Not all charters are recognized by other nations, but the kingdom of the Jaghund Geist does recognize charters from the Valerian Empire through the current treaty.  A charter allows the adventuring groups to take jobs, explore ruins, and claim salvage rights to anything they find.  Those with out a charter are usually severely fined, treasure confiscated, and some times put into jail depending on the circumstance.

The White Stag Guild Hall

Identified by their Black Gold Trimmed banner with the head of a white stag, this adventuring guild is located halfway down Phoenix Road.  Charters here are sanctioned across all of the Kingdom, Thunder Kingdom, and is recognized by The Valerian Empire,however, usually require an additional fee to for the Valerian Stamp.  This establishment offers a wide range of services from Food, work, and general packs for adventuring.  They also work with various other Aritisans to have a Guild Discount.

The Iron Sigil Guild Hall

This large dark three story building on Chimera Street always seems very ominous.  While people are seen going in and out from this Guild Hall, most people make a wide berth when passing by.  This Guild is sanctioned by the Kingdom, The Valerian Empire, and Thunder Kingdom.

Wizard Guilds
The Conclave of the Iron Chalice

A Tall three story building with large blue banners on either side of the door is located on the north side of the street and the western end of Chimera Street. In the middle of the banner is an ornate dark gray metallic chalice that seems to shimmer with very little light.  This is one of two Wizard guilds that are allowed to study and practice with in T'Craedon.  Directly in competition with circle of the Emerald Flame, they boast to have more powerful magic than their counterparts.

Circle of the Emerald Flame

Located on the western side of Chimera Street, on the souther side of the street is the location of this large three-story building.  Large white banners with dual green stripes and an emerald green flame in the middle drape on both sides of the large green door.  This is the second of two Wizard Guilds that are allowed to study and practice magic with in T'Craedon.  Victoria Rosegem is the current Guild Leader of the Circle.

Brotherhood of the Golden Stag

This Range Guild is located at the easter corner where Dragon's Lane and Quarry Lane meet.  The Brotherhood trains various scouts and rangers that help lead Merchants and other caravans to their destinations.  The building is a large L-shaped single story building with with a large stable in the back.  The current guild leader Aliella Hawklight welcomes new adventurers and loves to teach those who want to learn.

The Forge Mavericks

An older Wooden Warehouse now converted to a Guild Hall is located on Golem Row in the Guild District.  From the streets you can hear loud music and the people stumbling in and out with mugs of Ale, all have a mismatch of armor and weaponry.

Order of the Yellow Rose

Located in the Guild District the large  well kept building on Golem Row with armored knights out front guarding the entrance. Banners with various colors flap in the light cold breeze, but the one thing that is noticeable are that they all have a yellow rose symbol.

The Stone Lions

Ran by the guild leader Kevhand the Ferocious, this medium sized wooden building has a large outside area with various dummies and archer targets.  Located at the End of Golem Row a set of Large Lions carved from  marble sit on either of the stairs. On the large Doors are two oversized shields with a Heraldic Lion Rampant Guardant on Red and Black Per bend sinister. Only a couple Banners with similar designs fly from poles along the building. 

School of the Raven's Song

This medium sized two story old wooden building always seem to full of people singing and dancing.  Most confuse this establishment as a Tavern, and people are saddened when it is a bard members only establishment.  Quoeak Strifelaugher, a well known gnomish bard is the current leader of the establishment and has been for the past 50 years.  

Merchants and Artisans

Kainarv's Armor

Owned by Dunir Bouldercrusher a locally reknowned black smith for his strong armors.  His establishment is located halfway down Artisan Passage near Marble Route in the Artisan District.  Come with coin, while his quality is high, so are his prices.

The Fox's Blades

Blacksmith Tholamin Chorster once trained under his mentor and still friend Dunir Bouldercrusher opened his own location off Silver Row. For only being opened for the past few years, he has created some beautiful quality weaponry for nobles and adventurers a like.  

The Griffons Arsenal
While quality isn't their primary goal, they do mass produce various  armaments.  If it is cheap weapons and armor one is looking for, then this is establishment is located on silver row near the main road leading through T'Craedon. Don't bother going here if you need something custom, as they don't take orders.


Hildrga and Cuthbeornthr's Oils and Elixiers

Owned by Hidgra and Cuthbeornthr Gimutri, they are located off Cannon Street in the Artisan Ward.  The place isn't all that big, but is recognized by all the colorful flowers out front and what is a small garden in the back.  If you need to purchase or create potions, then this establishment is a good start.

Rarder's Apothecary

If your ever on Marble Route in teh Artisan Ward and hear a loud thundering explosion, it is most likely the failed experiment of Rarder the Alchemist.  While usually not much in the way of healing potion, has a tendency to have a vial or two of something rare.

Artiel's Oddities

Those looking for weird and sometimes exotic contraptions and inventions, go to Misty Street in the North Trade Ward.

Oril's Vault

One of the few merchants allowed to sell magic items, this establishment can be found on Cykx Avenue in the Northends District.

Nelebrie and Altif' Trade way

These two friends are not only merchants but adventurers themselves.  They opened this shop on Jester Street in the South Trade Ward to sell their spoils from raiding ruins and tombs. 

Longellow's Jewelcraft

Located at the corner of Quarry Lane and Silver Row, this establishment has only been there for the past couple years.  Edward Longfellow, the primary jeweller of the place, keeps the place in exquisite condition.

The Merry Owl

With no public library in T'Craedon, The Merry Owl has become the soul provider of literature to those that seek knowledge from books.  Wilros Woodsheart, the proprietor, keep a large collection of books, manuscripts, maps, and various other literature that come through from the trading caravans.  Sometimes you may even find something useful here.



This large well kept wooden house is located on of Shield Row in the Northends Districkt and ran by Madame Elenore.  The place is hard to find as there are no signs, banners, or any other identifying marks.  The only clue is the large well dressed ogre standing out front.  They cater to anyones lustful needs with in reason and one must be a member and pay dues to have access to this establishment.

Temple of Idrindis

One of five Temples, the temple of Idrindis is located on Boar's street close to the South Mercenary District.  A great stop for adventurers who need healing from their ailments. Head Prefect Leogeon Urthadar is the residing prefect  with a dozen clergy below him that server this temple.  Senior Cleric Davice Tryannyth is the right hand man of the Head Prefect and is usually dealing with the more youthful clergy.

Notable People


Earl Percival Darlington-Whit


Captain Pruda Xavier


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