Münish Vandelü

"Don't touch my crossbow!"



Name: Munish Vandelu Class : Beastmaster Level : 6
Race: Hill Dwarf Age: 87 Experience: TBD
Height: 4’2" Weight: 88 Lbs Sex: Male
Hair: Auburn Eyes: Hazel Skin: Swarthy
Clan: Emberbronze Bonus: +3 Date of Birth: 24th Irahthas
761 Year of the Hellkite
Hit Dice: 4d10 Hit Points: 64 Wounds: above the right clavicle
AC: 16 where subclavian artery pierced
Attribute Rating Bonus Save
Strength: 12 +1 +3
Dexterity: 14 +2 +4
Constitution: 16 +3
Intelligence: 12 +1
Wisdom: 12 +1
Charisma: 10 +0
All Armor and Shields Athletics (Str): +3
Simple and Martial Weapons Nature (Int): +3
3 Dragon Ante Perception (Wis): +3
Languages: High Elvish,Draconic, Stealth (Dex): +4
Jotin, Dwarf, Cormyrian Survival (Wis) +3
Stonecunning: Whenever I make an Intelligence (History) check related to the origin of stonework, I am considered proficient in the History skill and add double my proficiency bonus to the check, instead of my normal proficiency bonus.
Dwarven Toughness: +1 HP per level.
Favored Enemy: Monstrosities (Ranger 1, UA:RR 2) [+2 weapon attack damage] Single target. Con Save 12 (Base 8 + Int + 2 + Proficiency 2). Damage: 1d8 + 10’ slower (none)
+2 bonus to damage vs monstrosities
Adv. on Wis (Survival) to track and Int checks to recall info about monstrosities
Natural Explorer: (Ranger 1, UA: RR 3)
Archery Fighting Style: (Ranger 2, UA:RR 3) +2 to hit with ranged weapons.
Spellcasting: (Ranger 2, UA:RR 3) [3 spells known]
Background: Outlander
Personality Trait: I have a lesson for every situation, drawn from observing nature.
Ideals: Change: Life is like the seasons, in constant change, and we must change with it. (Chaotic)
Bonds: I suffer awful visions of a coming disaster and will do anything to prevent it.
Flaws: Don’t expect me to save those who can’t save themselves. It is nature’s way that the strong thrive and the weak perish.
I have an excellent memory for maps and geography, and I can always recall the general layout of terrain, settlements, and other features around me. In addition, I can find food and fresh water for myself and up to five other people each day, provided that the land offers berries, small game, water, and so forth.
Breast Plate Explorer’s Pack
Handaxe Backpack
Battleaxe Bed Roll
Warhammer Tinderbox
Lt Crossbow & 20 bolts 10 Torches
10 days Rations
Mess kit
50’ Rope
Draft Horse

Basic Information

Given Name: Vandromli Emberbronze
Nickname/s: Münish
Titles: None
Gender: Male
Age: Late 70s
Race: Hill Dwarf
Birthsign: The Ritual
Hobbies: Avoiding Dwarves
Occupation/s: Scout


Height: 125 cm (4’2")
Weight: 40kg (88 lbs)
Figure/build: Thin for a dwarf
Hair color: Auburn
Hairstyle: waist length hair kept neat braid.
Facial hair: Hulihee – Münish has shaved the front of his beard in protest of dwarven tradition. Instead he wears long side burns neatly braided and held in place by large bronze beads in the shape of an abstract face of a flame elemental.
Eyes: Hazel (Green-Blue)
Skin color: Swarthy
Tattoos: Wolf Tattoo on chest.
Scars: None
Vestments: Münish wears the tradition garb of rangers, choosing greens and browns in order to blend into the woodland surroundings. He changes his appearance often, using faceblack to mimic designs of known tribes to hide his heritage.
Build and Stature: Münish is short for a dwarf but just as thick than most dwarves; he appears smaller due to his habit to hunch when he stands. He often avoids looking people in the eyes, preferring to scan the horizon and watch people with his peripheral vision. This causes many to underestimate him in combat.

Mannerism and Personality

Speech: Münish talks in a low tone. He doesn’t whisper, but prefers to keep his voice low enough so that only those immediately around him hear. He is often quiet in social situations as he does not like to talk over the din of noise. He often mispronounces words and speaks with an accent that identifies him of someone who has not had a lot of education.
Personality: Münish often appears dark and moody. If one watches closely, he can sometimes be seen smiling as if remembering an inside joke. Münish prefers to be direct, his answers are usually short and to the point. Combined with his preference to talk lowly and always wear a hood, he is often seen as being in a mood.

Religion: Münish does not show reverence to any particular religion or deity, claiming instead that he recognizing all of them equally. This means that whatever god he is dealing with is the most important. Münish has not studied the various religions enough to be able to recognize them, but believes the second moon is an illusion and generally dislikes anyone who venerates him. Münish often uses certain god’s names when cursing. It is unclear whether or not he holds them in reverence.

Skills & Professions: Profession is not one of those things that Münish has actively sought. He has a strong call to nature and drifted towards those that went out into the wilds. Although his family forbade it, he enjoyed hunting and gathering food for for the clan.


When the armies of the Ogre-King threatened the Thundercrash Mountains, Vandromli Emberbronze lead the stalwart warriors of the Emberbronze clan to hold the horde at Boulderdash Pass. Hopelessly outnumbered, the dwarven defenders stood bravely at the approaching horde. The narrow pass made impossible for the Ogre-King to use his forces to overrun the dwarves. The dwarves used their defensive formation and the steep walls of the pass to slaughter the horde by the droves, but even Vandromli knew he fellow clansman could not last much longer. After three days, the great and terrible Ogre-King approached the front lines. He great fists sent dwarves sprawling and the Vandromli sensed they would soon loose the pass.

With little recourse, Vandromli challenged the Ogre-King to single combat. When the Ogre-king ignored him, Vandromli jeered and ridiculed the Ogre-king. On queue, the dwarven mages mad the sound of laughter come from the horde, and the laughter spread like an infection, causing more and more of the horde to laugh. Enraged, the Ogre-King accepted Vandromli’s challenge and charged the diminutive dwarf in an effort to regain his stature.

Vandromli and the Ogre-king fought for two days, neither getting the upper hand, until the Vandromli began to tire. The dwarf and been fighting for several days before the Ogre-King showed himself and the weariness of battle started to show. Sensing his opponents weakness, the Ogre-King pressed the attack, knock Vandromli’s axe and hammer from his grasp. Standing exhausted before the Ogre-king, Vandromli watched as the Ogre-King lifted his boulder sized fist high in the air and tilted his head back to roar his victory to the gods.

In that split second, Vandromli punched both his mailed fists into the chest of the Ogre-King, grabbing his stone-like heart, Vandromli pulled the still beating heart and crushed it in front of the horde as the Ogre-King crumbled to the ground. The Ogre-King’s blood flowed over Vandromil’s gauntlets, giving him the strength of the ogre-king. Vandromli swung his mighting fists sending goblins and orks flying. The horde soon broke and retreated from Boulderdash Pass.

After his victory, Vandromli started a a new citadel Kündrakkar. Rumors said that the Kündrakkar fell to horde who sought out Vandromli for revenge and stands untouched to this day.

History and Background

Münish was born Vandromli Emberbronze, Third son of a military clan in Citadel Dügburim. Vandromli grew up hearing the legend of the dwarven hero he was named after. His clan had earned the title of Vigilant; in charge of defense of the citadel. His eldest brother was in line to receive title when his father stepped down and would be a fifth generation Vigilant, which held high prestige in the citadel, just below the ruling class. Many members of the Emberbronze clan were professional soldiers and weapon-smiths. Münish was expected to go into the Citadel Defenders when he came of age, but Münish found the taciturn defenders rather boring. Instead, he would steal away and spend time with the Brush-Runners, a division of Rangers that scouted the lands outside of citadel. Many were also professional soldiers, but the lowest rank of the Military, due to their relationship with the forest and sullied dwarves that also hunted for food for the various dwarven clans. The Brush-Runners provided support and often hunted, but never handled the animals and was left to the sullied dwarves to clean and dress. Although his father disapproved, Münish’s father thought the commander of the Brush-Runners might steer Münish to a more appropriate station.

Münish often spent much time hunting with only the sullied dwarves as he wanted to learn to tend to game for himself. He became friendly with many unsullied dwarves, but when the Brush-Runners found out Münish had been dressing his own kills, they tried to have him removed from their unit before his father found out. This lead to a falling out with his father who ordered him into the Defenders. Münish rebelled by killing a great boar, walking the carcass through the streets of the citadel and depositing the beast on his father’s dining table. Left with little choice, Münish’s father exiled him from the clan and sent him to live among the sullied barrens. Münish responded by cutting his beard off in front of his father, letting the hair fall on the boar and turning and leaving in silence.

Münish left the citadel, heading towards that lowlands. He took solace in the long quiet walks, watching the dragonflies flit in the evening sky. He walk for weeks without interacting with another person. His only companions were the animals and sounds of the wilderness. One morning he came across the tracks of an ork war band. Having dealt with orks before, Münish tracked the war band for several days. They appeared to be hunting someone. When Münish finally caught up to the orks, they and finally cornered their pray. A singling elf knelt in the middle of a clearing with his eyes shut. Several orks lay dead in the field and the others circled him warily. The elf’s yellow and green robes were soaked with with blood, but the elf appeared calm his back straight, sitting on his heels, his hands resting on his thighs.

As Münish watched, the largest of the orks screamed a war cry and the five remaining orks charged from all directions. Before Münish could even move, the Elf leapt into action; twin swords appeared in his hands and lashed out, killing four the orks in a blink of an eye. The elf was not quick enough to catch the large ork. Although the ork’s attacked seemed clumsy in comparison, he still manged to clip the elf in the shoulder. Münish rushed out screaming just as the last ork dropped from several slashes eviscerated his midsection.

Münish offered his assistance, and the elf graciously accepted his company to the next town. The two traveled in relative silence, exchanging few words while on the road. Eventually Münish inquired about the elf’s fighting style, and the elf graciously offered to show how to fight with two weapons. The days consisted of long quiet walk, while the two would practice sparring in the evening. Münish even took to meditating in the morning and late evening. The two arrived at a small trading town, and the elf provided Münish with a gift. The elf bowed to Münish turned and disappeared into the town.

Münish stood near the edge of the town debating weather or not to enter when a fat dwarf came running up to him. This strange dwarf apparently had little help procuring assistance in hunting down various creatures to test alchemical concoctions. The dwarf spoke quickly trying to persuade Münish to help him. Münish tried to walk away twice, but the strange dwarf simply go into his way and argued his points until Münish finally agreed to help the dwarf if the dwarf helped him find Kündrakkar.

Associations and Relationships

Family: Münish doesn’t speak of his family or where he is from. He usually makes up some story about being found in a catoblepas nest, or some other obscure creature. Further inquiries usually cause him to glare at the individual until they leave.
Friends: Not claiming to have any friends, many find Münish too curt to want to hang with on a social level. Whenever he participates in social activities, he is quiet, if not aloof and many forget he is there.
Guilds: Münish has recently joined the Order of the White Stag adventuring guild.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Münish is stronger than he looks, he often hunches or walks with a limp. This gives the illusion that he is an easy target, he uses surprise to quickly deal with enemies. Münish does not enjoy long encounter, he would rather break off and come back then see who would win a protracted fight.

Münish Vandelü

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