The Faldorian Adventures

The ending of Spring

The beginning of summer is right around the corner, the sun shines brightly down on T’craedon.  The cool breeze that flows through the Sholo’s Pass flow through the streets keeping its denizens cool in the midday sun.  The sounds of carts, wagons, and beasts of burden can be heard throughout the streets as merchants make their way to the markets to trade between The Valerian Empire and Jaghund Gheist.


The Ambassador from Valerian has left to take news back to their senators, but the word in the street is that the discussions didn’t go as well.  No talk of war and the border to the Valerian Empire is still open. It is advised, if travelling with in the empire, to be extremely careful. The Northern Districts have had an influx of Valerian mercenaires,  merchants, and distinguished guests.


The Annual event of the Wizards Labrynth will be had in the next two months, and is being held in T’Craedon this year. Adventurers, Treasure Hunters, and sell swords flock to this event to try to win the 10,000 gold prize and various magical trinkets.  


Trouble has been stirring near the borders of Kalfruhm and Thinoia, and Jaghund Geist. It seems most of the orc tribes have banded together under a single banner And various warcamps have been spotted.  They are attacking people on site that travel to what they claim is there lands. The King has sent a small forces, along with the 6th Regiment of the Royal Dragoons to the border.


Denizens with in T’Craedon are now starting to prep for the Summer Fest.  Which celebrates the ending of spring. Offering are made to various gods in hope to bring plenitiful for the Harvest in the fall.  


The Den of Spider
Why did we go that way

After the battle with the spiders and ettercaps, the adventurers can almost see the lost forgotten treasure in their minds. Treasure that unfortunate victims left behind as they were feasted upon in the spider's nest.  The party discusses how many people these creatures could have taken and fed on back at their nest and after taking a moment to rest, the group decides to pursue finding the it near by.  Remembering the direction that they attempted to take the two halflings, the ranger leads the party south west through the forest. 

The Dark Woods seems to have been named appropriately, as the canopy blocks out any light coming from the heavens above.  The light from the party seems not to project as far, as if being constricted by the coils of darkness.  As the party continues, it seems a dense fog has gathered ahead.  Upon moving closer, the fog resolves into webs festooning the trees so densely a path seems almost impossible to find.  

The ranger manages to find a path through the webbing and eventually come to a small clearing with a  large uprooted tree lying near the middle.  From the distance,  where the roots of a large tree tore the ground open exposing the massive root system it had. A worn path seems to descend down into the cavity opening into the entrance of a small cavern. 

Into the Fort
The Dreaded Burrows of Black Hold Keep

The party travels towards the fort after resting from their last life threatening encounter, pressing forward south through the Dark Woods.   As the journey continues, taking most of the day, the canopy becomes so dense one cannot tell whether it is night or day;  the only source of light is the torches you carry, casting a bright orange glow around you.  You feel across your face and skin the soft breeze cutting through the trees creating a ghostly whistle as it weaves in between branches and leaves.  At one point when the whistle seems to die down for only a moment, you swear you hear the faint sounds of screams and the slow rhythmic beating of a large drum.

As you continue, the canopy begins to clear and the whistle begins to fade.  The sound of a single raven's caw echoes through the new found silence.  The area begins to lighten and looking up, you see dark ominous clouds in the air blocking out what you think must be the Moon. 

Before you stands the remnants of a ruined wall looking like teeth forcing their way out of the ground.  Some of the stones reaching no higher than knee height, while others are more that a head tall.  A wide opening, big enough to recognize as a gate, has a single column raising up to more that 30 feet high, a weather worn gargoyle affixed to the top of it.  The rusted iron portcullis lays flat on the ground, wet grass overgrown around it. 

Peering past the the gate, you see the remains of a long forgotten keep half collapsed exposing the insides to the elements.  Dark gray stones litter the ground around the keep where two of its external walls have fallen.  You can see each level of the keep and inside splinters of rotting chairs, ruined tables, and a few destroyed tapestries.

The ending of winter
3 Primafora 838 TT,  the day of the week is Mercurii

After a month of training and resting, spring is almost upon T'Craedon.  A few patches of snow are still on the city rooftops but the cold winds that blasts through the mountain pass is no longer as cold as Hieliah's lost heart.  People are starting to put out decorations, preparing for the upcoming holidays, the Festival of the Eye. 

The Festival of the Eye is a celebration of the battle between the gods Amos and Hathor that is legend for crafting the Bloodsteel Mountains up and down Faldor.  Legend has it that Amos kept the lands of Faldor under darkness and constant freezing winds.  The battle lasted seven days before Hathor defeated Amos and the first signs of life came back to the land.  Hathor did not come out from this fight unscathed, but lost his left eye in the battle.  

The festival is also the celebration of life coming back in to the lands from a long winter.  Where the signs of birds begin migrating back, the lands first blades of grass appear, and the bulbs of flowers begin to form.  The mountain pass that T'Cradeon sits in becomes less dangerous for weary travelers as larger creatures of winter start to migrate deeper into the mountains.  

Those who are religious tend to adorn the hammer and spear crossing behind a fist, the symbol of Hathor.  Multi-hued banners of red and blue can be found decorating the city.  The smell of fresh baked spiced bread fills the city as people bake offerings for the upcoming festival.  Bards can be found in many of the more popular streets playing songs of valor and bravery, telling long tales to those that will listen of legends of heroes.    

With the city bustling and recent events that lead to the discovery of an underground slave trade, the city guard numbers have increase by at least 50 men.  A company of soldiers from Greypoole has arrived recently at the request of the Earl.  Word has it that a Valerian Ambassador will be arriving in T'Craedon to discuss this recent event.

In recent news, the murderer of Tamoor was indited and sentenced to hanging in Greypoole.  While being transferred the caravan was attack by bandits from The Bronze Hand, a notorious group lead by the self proclaimed Bandit King.  

Tryanna's Story

The warehouse was quiet as Try’ emerged from the tunnels. She quicklyy moved for cover, lest a slaver party was waiting in ambush for “the eight”. As she observed the area for potential targets, the smell of charred timbers assaulted her nose reminding her of the battle tthat occurred just hours ago. “Damned halfling , almost brought the whole damn building down on our heads!!!!” Finding the guard was easier than convincing them I was not the evening’’s entertainment.

Looking at them after their crude comments and said" I wonder what Capt. Pruda would say if he found this shiny deputies badge pin go one of your arses???" As she held up the deputy’’s badge.

A Sgt quickly took charge, put a squad together, and they followed Try’ back to the warehouse. The sight of the battle in the warehouse convinces the Sgt of Trys’story. She points to the tattoos.and said " slaver tattoos", she then points to the shaft leading down. The group descend into the shaft and into the tunnel below. Try’ heads north before a gone can ask her where the other tunnel leads…..They pass the carnage left from our tunnel battle and continue north to the cavern. As they enter the cavern , the Sgt wonders aloud how so ething this extensive could be right under their noses. " Who is in charge here ???" Try’ points in Munish’’s general direction and heads over to check on the former prisoners. She gets several of them to help Malvus feed them from the captured supplies. Try’ is seen by the wagons, removing the doors so we could transport the would be slaves to the city. As the remaining supplies and coin chest are being loaded, she grabs a couple cloaks from the dead slavers and makes makeshift pouches and places 20 sp in each. When Munish ask what she is doing, she pulls 8pp from her own pouch , drops them into the chest and says, " making change, it’s easier to carry now". The party load up the former slaves and. head up the tunnel to the city gates. When they reach the watch tower , Try speaks to each person to wish them well and gives each one a pouch to help restart their lives.When they ask about the the money she says the slavers don’t need it where they are now….. She also inquires for a hand maiden to someone who has nowhere to go. She offers room /board and 10 sp/week. After the meeting with the Capt. To collect our reward, Try tells Munish that she is gonna sell the wagons and put that money into the party fund since no share was put into it lately………. Looks like we go see what mischief we can get into at “the demon and the shrew”

Missing Persons

I wasn't sure what to think of that Dwarf, when I first agreed to temporarily deputize his adventuring group, but they did well, Captain Pruda Xavier thinks as he watches the adventurers he hired leave with their salvage in hand. I may hire them again if something comes up…I just need to remember to ask the White Stag for The Eight next time.  

A skinny twig of a man wearing T'cradeon guard armor slightly too big for his frame runs up to Captain Purda.  

"`aptain Pruda, what ya want us to do with the prisoner?" squeaks Private Pubert Garside.

"Take him to the cells and fetch one of the acolytes from the temple of Idrindis to see to his wounds.  Once he comes to, it will be time to question him and figure out what the hell was going on."

"Aye `aptain!" Pubert runs off, armor clattering with each quick step.

Captain Pruda looks around the dimly lit cavern, assessing the amount of work it will take to clean this mess up.  How long has this tunnel been here and how many more tunnels through the mountain and TCraedon are there? he ponders, quickly scanning the room. Pruda focuses on a middling woman in full chain armor, barking orders to a few of the men.  

"Lieutenant!" exclaimed Pruda, catching her attention. Lieutenant Murray makes her way to him with a purposful stride.

"Aye, Sir?"

"We need to inform the Earl that this tunnel exists and see what he want to do. Leave a small contingent on the north and south ends of these tunnels, five to ten men on each side. Until we know what to do, we need to make sure that this tunnel is secure."

"Yes, Sir," Lieutenant Murray nods, "but we are short handed as is."

"Take some coin and hire a few temps to help out with the day to day.  Also, we need some scouts who can police the mountain sides and see if there are any other smuggling tunnels leading into the city. I would prefer dwarves who know this mountain. Try The Golden Stag and see if they can get you some names."

Lieutenant Murray nods in understanding.

"And get a cart down here and dispose of these bodies, but get a sketch of these common tattoos," Captain Pruda motiones, pointing at a snake curled around a bloody  dagger tattoo on a couple of the dead nearby slavers.  

"Got it, sir, I'll get it done " Lieutenant Murray responds, quickly turning around and making her way hastily to a nearby group of guards who seem intent on their chatter. 

Captain Pruda looks around one more time before making his way back up the tunnel to the ladder. At the cavern opening he stops suddenly and turns around.  A bewildered thought popped into his mind,  There was only six of them, right?  I wonder where that name comes from then? 

Slaver Tattoo


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